There are many ways to ensure that your cat looks healthy and attractive, and one of them is through regular hair brushing. With the help of one of the best cat grooming brushes, pet owners can be sure of giving their felines an appealing appearance. Giving your cat a good brush on a regular basis helps remove dander, knots, and debris from the fur. This exercise also helps spread beneficial oils all over the cat’s coat.

The most important benefit of grooming is that it straightens matted hair for easy removal of parasites and other irritants that bother a pet. From a vet’s point of view, coat brushing helps stimulates blood circulation and trim long hair that otherwise could result in uncomfortable and dangerous fur balls. Overall, the act of brushing a cat’s fur is always enjoyable and relaxing for many pets, so that every grooming session promotes bonding between the two parties –cat and the pet owner.

The benefits of grooming cats regularly are immense and cannot be understated. All you need to do, as a pet owner, is to invest in a high-quality brush that delivers exceptional results. However, choosing one product from dozens of brushes available in the market is not an easy task, which explains why we have come to help you. Since we are interested in seeing your cat live a healthy life, we are going to unveil a list of top ten best cat grooming brushes for your consideration in 2021.

Best Cat Grooming Brushes 2020:

10. KONG HDP Cat Zoom Groom

There is no doubt about the fact that the KONG HDP Cat Zoom Groom is the best shampooing and grooming brush available in the market today. Designed to remove loose hair just like the way a magnet picks loose iron fillings, this product effectively reduces hairballs. Its effective and gentle rubber bristles remove hair from the cat’s coat without causing any discomfort. It is also used to stimulate capillaries as well as natural oil production for healthy coats and skin. The KONG Cat Zoom Groom is best-suited kittens and cats who are new to grooming.


  • Item weight -2.08 ounces
  • Product dimensions -4.5 by 1.2 by 2.8 inches
  • Color –purple

The Friends Forever Six-in-One Professional Pet Grooming Kit Box provides all the essential tools required during a cat grooming session. The tools included in the kit box include grooming brush, de-shedding brush, grooming comb, dematting comb, and nail trimmer. The brushes in question safely remove fluff, detangle, and excess hair without hurting the pet. With anti-slip handle, these long-lasting brushes offer effortless usability. Since these brushes are perfect for long and medium-haired pets, it is not suited for kittens or those cats with extremely sensitive skin.


  • Item weight -1.75 pounds
  • Color –yellow, black

8. Flightbird 3.0 Softer Self-Groomer For Cats

Did you know that you get your cat to groom her hair? Yes, that is true, and it is possible if you provide her with the Flightbird 3.0 Softer Self-Groomer. This product has been designed to help get rid of and collect loose hair. The beauty about this brush is that it also aid cats eliminate knots, dander, tangle, and trapped dirt themselves! With this groomer, cats can brush their hair while having fun even when you are not around. All you need to do is to add some catnip to the inner catnip compartment, which entices them to use the brush. This brush can be dismantled easily for proper cleaning after several grooming sessions.


  • Groomer weight -0.1 kg
  • Bristles material -3.0 SOFTER ABS
  • Item size -5.12 by 2 by 3.5 inches
  • Color –grey

7. SSRIVER Grooming Glove Hair Remover Brush

The SSRIVER Grooming Glove Hair Remover Brush presents efficient, gentle, and flexible slip-on grooming gloves that allow pet owners to brush away grime, dirt, loose hair, and dander from cats of all sizes and shapes. Thanks to its soft rubber tips, this groomer glove helps to reduce the amount of hair left behind on clothes, furniture, or the car. It also helps reduce allergens in the air for healthier, cleaner breathing.

More importantly, these lightweight and breathable gloves provide an enjoyable, relaxing massage without hurting the skin, improving blood circulation. Unlike traditional grooming brushes, these machine-washable gloves give you the opportunity to groom head-to-access places like tail, legs, and face, ensuring you do not miss a spot.


  • Color –blue
  • Item weight -3.2 ounces

6. Pet Grooming Gloves

Pet Grooming Gloves presents a complete solution to your hairy problems. With an enhanced five-finger design, this pair of grooming gloves have been designed to easily remove pet tangles and hair, ensuring that no cat’s hair goes flying. Unlike conventional brushes, this one can reach the hardest to access spots like legs, face, and tail. Its soft, gentle rubber tips provide relaxing and enjoyable massage promotes bonding between the feline and the owner. With two-hand performance, you will achieve faster and impressive grooming results while just stroking and petting your cat!


  • Product weight -3.2 ounces
  • Item dimensions -9.4 by 6.3 by 0.6 inches
  • Size –medium

Are looking for grooming tool perfect for getting a shiny and smooth coat on medium and long hair? If so, then why don’t you try out the Pet Grooming Tool –2-Sided Undercoat Rake for Cats. With two-in-one head, this groomer is designed for de-shedding and thinning stubborn tangles and mats for improved blood circulation. Its no-scratch rounded outside teeth work by gently massaging the pet skin while the sharp inner teeth smoothly cut through the toughest knots, mats, and tangles promoting a healthy and shiny coat.

This lightweight groomer features a soft, anti-slip grip, which makes regular grooming a relaxed and convenient affair. The beauty about this product is that its stainless steel, no-rust teeth are easy to clean and ultra-durable.


  • Item weight -5.6 ounces
  • Product dimensions -6.8 by 3.6 by 1.1 inches

4. Pet Grooming Brush By Pet Neat

Are you tired of your cat’s loose hair and tangles floating the air and spoiling your floors, carpets, and furniture? If so, then the Pet Grooming Brush By Pet Neat is the right solution. This is a high-end cat de-shedding tool delivering effortless, effective, and efficient pet grooming convenience from the comfort of your home. It removes up to 95 percent of tangles and dead hair from felines easily in just ten minutes.

This cat comb features stainless steel blade, easy-grip handle, and sturdy blade guaranteeing top precision and long-lasting use. The Pet Grooming Brush By Pet Neat is best suited for all cats of all ages and sizes.


  • Item weight -4.8 ounces
  • Color –blue

3. Cat Slicker Self-Cleaning Brush by BarkOutFitters

When get the Cat Slicker Self-Cleaning Brush by BarkOutFitters, your search for the best feline grooming brushes is finally over! With it, you know the unsightly shame of pet hair all over your furniture and clothes is also a thing of the past.

This brush has been designed to reduce shedding by up to 90 percent, thus significantly reducing allergic airborne elements. Its gentle, soft bristles stimulate the skin to promote healthy blood circulation and increase coat shine for a healthy and shiny topcoat. These bristles, however, are firm enough to get out even the toughest mats and tangles. Boasting of unbreakable, soft, and ergonomic designed handle grip, grooming with this product is an effortless task.


  • Warranty -5 years
  • Size –medium
  • Color –yellow
  • Item weight -5.6 ounces
  • Product dimensions -13.8 by 13.8 by 3.4 inches

2. Dematting Comb with Two-Sided Professional Grooming Rake by GoPets

We all know that excessive fur can be a challenge to both the cat and the pet owner. However, with the Dematting Comb with Two-Sided Professional Grooming Rake by GoPets, you can clear all sorts of tangles and mats in no time.

This double-sided grooming comb is exceptional for detangling and deshedding a cat. Featuring an undercoat rake for fast results, this device has sharp teeth to prevent pulling fur and rounded ends to make it safer on sensitive skin. Its silicone gel-filled, non-slip handle conforms to the user’s hand regardless of how they hold for easier combing.


  • Item weight -3.52 ounces
  • Product dimensions -8.9 by 2.5 by 1.4 inches

1. Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

The Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is one of the grooming brushes to get nasty mats out of your feline’s fur. It has been designed to gently eliminate tangles, dander, trapped dirt, and knots as well as to remove loose hair. It features fine bent wires as bristles to penetrate deep into the cat’s coat, but without scratching the undercoat without hurting.

Using this brush, your cat will not only look good but also she will feel great thanks to its massage ability that increases blood circulation and leaving the coat shiny and soft. With anti-slip and comfort-grip handle, this strong and durable brush can be used for many years to come.


  • Item weight -3.2 ounces
  • Color –purple
  • Product dimensions -5.8 by 3 by 10 inches

Buying Guide Choose  Best Cat Grooming Brush:

Now that you are convinced that investing in a cat grooming brush is inevitable for the benefits mentioned in the introductory section, you will be heading straight into the market to find one. Unfortunately, choosing the best product has never been an easy task for the simple reason that you will find tens of hundreds of such as items, each claiming to be remarkable.

Picking the most suitable groomer becomes even harder if it is your first time buying these products and that you little or no information on what lookout for! Well, we do understand that many people, especially new pet owners, have challenges choosing the best grooming brushes for their cats.

If this is your concern, then we want to ensure that you get right from the start. The best way to help you out is by providing a guide on some of the factors to be considered when picking the right product for your pet.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Best Cat Grooming Brush:

However much you are trying to make your cat appear smart, you should never compromise its safety. With that in mind, you should be choosing grooming brushes that will not harm your pet in any way. Stay away from those low-grade brushes with hard-to-use bristles, as these will cause more harm than good. Always consider grooming products made of pet-safe, smooth, and non-irritant materials.

Bristle type
Cat grooming brushes come with different types of bristles –steel, wire, nylon, rubber, and so on –to remove dander, clean coats, and improve blood circulation at the skin. Considering the type of bristles is one of the most important factors to bear in mind when choosing the best grooming brush for your lovely feline. Concisely, the bristles should work effectively and efficiently, and never harm the cat.

Ease to use
Never be fooled by the looks of a grooming brush! Always insist on trying and testing its handle grip to ensure that it is comfortable and easy to use. Check out for features that facilitate easy cleaning like combs with rotating heads, handles with comfy handles, or brushes with retractable bristles.

The pet’s hair
Another thing to consider when picking grooming brushes is to know the type of hair your cat has. As may have realized, there combs and brushes designed specifically for cats with long hair. Similarly, you will find options for shorthaired pets. What distinguishes between these two categories is the type of bristle fitted on the comb. Therefore, be sure to check the label to know if the product you are about to pick suits your cat’s hair!

Just like any other investing, buying grooming brushes is sound investment deemed to be used for many years to come. Since grooming is a routine exercise, you will want a tool that will deliver remarkable results over time. It is, therefore, advisable that you choose a brand that is well-known for its durability and precision.

Now you know that combing your cat with the best grooming brush will make her happy and live healthier. We have already reviewed the top ten best products for your consideration in 2021. All the grooming brushes making into our list have received positive reviews from previous users, and we have no doubt recommended them to you.

The beauty of these items is that they are all easy to use and does not cause any harm to your lovely pet. As a caring pet owner, if you pick any of these grooms, you will be affording your cat a smile for many years to come besides building a strong bond!