Cat are domestic animals that keep as pets in our homes. However, just like other wild animals in the cat family, domestic cat also keeps their hunting and preying instincts and must be sharpened. To sharpen their nails cat will keep scratching on your sofas and carpets in no cat scratchers are provided. To save your sofas and carpets from being damaged from your cat as they scratch, you should provide cat scratchers to your pets to do their scratching exercises, however, there are different types of type of cat scratchers but this article will help you choose the best.

Most cat likes angled scratcher and not scratchers that lie flat on the floor, angled scratchers are good as the cats can stretch and scratch at the same time.

Best Cat Scratchers – [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

10 Best Cat Scratchers – [Reviews & Buying Guide]

1. pioneer pet smartcat scratching post

The pioneer pet smartcat scratching post is a thirty-two inches high post that allows your cat to scratch and stretch vertically, the stretching post is made of fibrous woven sisal hence making it more presentable and durable at the same time.

2. Bergan turbo scratcher

Bergan turbo is designed to make your cat happy and busy in your absence, the scratcher comes with different colors and therefore it is possible to but one that is compatible with your interior colors. The scratching pad at the Centre of the Bergan turbo scratcher is replaceable hence making the cat scratcher more economical. The scratcher has a base diameter of sixteen inches hence making the scratcher very stable.

3. Ultimate cat scratcher lounge

The ultimate cat scratcher lounge has a curved design that makes the scratching easier and also creates a comfortable resting place for your cat. The scratcher is liked for the design and the six-month warranty that guarantees its durability.

4. The original scratch lounge

Original scratch rouge is a device that can be used as a cat scratcher and also a good resting nest for the cat. It is a three-sided structure that measures 21″ x 13″. The original scratch lounge is more durable as the scratching material is replaceable.

5. Three sided PetFusion vertical scratcher

The cat scratcher is highly prefer as it makes of natural and non-toxic materials. The cat scratcher has many stretching angles and also has a hollow that creates a good play area for your cat. Upon buying this scratcher you receive a warranty of half a year which means that the scratcher is very durable.

6. Jumbo scratcher lounge

The jumbo scratcher lounge is naturally made scratcher and lounge that provides your cat with scratching area, resting areas and different stretching angles.Jumbo scratcher lounge has different curved designs and also made of a neutral color that makes it appropriate to be used in any living room with no special consideration to your interior colors.It is preferred by many people as it is large enough to hold up to four big cats hence turning out to be more economical.

7. Four claws wall mounted scratching post

Four claws wall mounted scratching post is mounted on walls to allow good vertical stretching and scratching. It has hooks that are made of stainless steel hence making the installation easy and also ensuring durability.

8. Pawls and pals three-sided vertical scratcher

This Pawls is a good source of exercise as it provides space for your cat to hide, stretch, scratch, and play hence promoting the balance and health of your cat.The scratcher allows for both vertical and horizontal postures, hence allowing different angles for scratching. The price, durability and eco-friendly makes the scratcher highly preferred.

9. The animals favorite deluxe scratcher

The scratcher is triangular in shape which gives room for kittens to climb and play. It has an ideal size that allows it to be a comfortable rouge for any size of a cat. it durable hence the best scratcher for your cat.

10. Four claws wall mounted scratching post

Cat scratcher makes of sisal hence providing the best scratching surface for your cat, it is also installed vertically and hence provide room for vertical scratching.The scratcher makes of an aluminum frame that is strong, neat and durable.

How To Choose Best Cat Scratchers:

1. Some basic tips on selecting the best cat scratcher
To a human being all the scratching board may be the same but a cat there are totally different, and therefore you should choose a scratcher that will not make you happy but will make your cat happy, below are some tips to consider when looking for a good cat scratcher.

2. Length of the scratcher
The post should be of a good length that is about thirty inches, convenient length for your cat to fully stretch while doing its things. If the scratcher is too short a large pet will not like it and will end up scratching on your sofas and carpets.

3. The material of the scratcher
Cat scratchers are make of different materials and therefore you should consider the material of the scratcher you purchase. Scratcher may be made of sisal, carpet or wood, most cats will love the sisal made scratcher as it is rough and also more durable than other scratchers.

4. Stability of the scratcher
A cat may have liked to scratch your sofas and carpets because they are very stable and can’t move when scratching, all the same, you should look for a cat scratcher that is very stable and comfortable that will be liked by your cats.

5. The general look
Cat are pets that mostly live indoors and that means that their scratchers should be located inside your house and the scratcher should never be an eyesore when located inside your living room but should be something attractive to the cat and your guests too. Choose an angled scratcher.

Pets are friends and companions in your house and therefore you they should be made happy and comfortable. If you are a cat owner you should consider purchasing a cat scratcher for your cat to stretch, scratch, play and relax. Cat scratcher is important in a house that has a cat as they prevent damage of furniture in the house.