10 Best Dogs Rugs and Mats In 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

If you are keeping a dog in your homestead, then you are among hundreds of thousands of people across the globe that love this pet. Well, from time immemorial, a dog has been a great companion of human beings. Every dog owner should ensure that is your their four-legged canine friends lives a healthy life. Just like any other pet, they need proper feeding, regular training, medical attention, and a good place to sit on. The later requirement ensures that a dog has a comfortable place to rest and sleep. This objective is achievable if you purchase one of the best dog rugs and mats.

That said, finding the best mats and rugs suitable for your dog is not very easy with hundreds of choices in the market to consider. Of course, you will have to carry out a little bit of research, which we know it is tedious and time-consuming. However, we have done the hard work for you and ultimately listed down ten of the best dog rugs and mats to consider buying in 2021.

List of 10 Best Dogs Rugs and Mats Reviews:

10. KOOLTAIL Waterproof Food Mat for Dogs

If you are in the market looking for the best water-absorbent and waterproof mat for your lovely dog, then the KOOLTAIL Waterproof Food Mat is the best suit. This food mat instantly absorbs liquid so it stays dry throughout. Featuring a waterproof and leak-proof PVC material on the bottom, you can prevent dog’s meals from soaking the floor.

This machine-washable product with a four-layer design is ultra-soft and comfortable. The non-slip silica gel keeps food from sliding onto the floor. The mat is made from safe, breathable, and non-toxic material proving a healthy place for pets to enjoy their meals. Its navy blue color is known to match a myriad of household styles.


  • Material -100 percent polyester knitting fabric
  • Item size -35.4 by 23.6 inches
  • Item weight -1.4 pounds
  • Package -2 pack

9. Meilocar Ultra Absorbent Soft Floor Dog Mat

The Meilocar Ultra Absorbent Soft Floor Dog Mat has been designed to keep your pet comfortable and happy in different seasons. The pet rug features high-quality microfiber that provides a comfy, soft spot for dogs to rest on. It also provides an ideal area for placing pet’s water and food bowls thanks to its non-slip characteristic. It can as well be used as a bath towel for dogs to dry after bathing.

This doormat traps mud and dirt from the pet’s paws quickly and dries fast keeping the floor dryer and cleaner. This machine-washable product presents an effortless cleaning experience. This water and the moisture-absorbent rug is available in colors and sizes for every canine.


  • Available sizes-small, medium, and large
  • Material –microfiber
  • Shipping weight -4.1 pounds

8. Dog Doormat Pet Mat

The Dog Doormat Pet Mat is one of the leading dog mats providing fantastic absorbing abilities. Made of top-quality microfiber, this incredibly soft and comfortable mat provides pets with unmatched support and comfy sleeping spot. Its good absorbing abilities traps all water, mud, and dirt, thus preventing the floor from getting dirty.

This bowl mat is designed with anti-slip material on the bottom to keep it right in place and improves pet’s stability. Its lightweight feature makes it easy to carry, place, or store away. The Dog Doormat Pet Mat is one of the easiest to clean mats thanks to their machine-washing ability.


  • Material –microfiber
  • Mat size –Large: 60 by 30 inches, small: 35 by 26 inches
  • Item weight -4 pounds
  • Product dimensions -60 by 30 by 1.2 inches

7. Joe’s Home Dog Snuffle Mat for Small & Large Dogs

Designed for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages, Joe’s Home Dog Snuffle Mat is a worthy investment if you are concerned about training your lovely pet to become a sniffer. With a highly attractive design, this wooly snuffle mat is an ideal spot for feeding your dog as well as stimulating its play interest and encouraging natural foraging skills. It features training pads and blankets so your dog puts its brain and nose to work simulating the hunt of good in the real world. With plenty of recycled material, this sustainably handmade mat is durable and eco-friendly. It is also lightweight so you can easily roll up for carrying and storage, making them remarkable for outdoor and indoor activity for pets.


  • Available colors –white, gray, and blue
  • Size -25.6 by 39.4 inches
  • Item weight -520 grams
  • Material –top quality polar fleece

6. iPrimio Dog Door Mat

The iPrimio Dog Door Mat features extra-thick microfiber that ultimately soaks up dirt and water, providing an ideal spot for dog crates and water/food bowls. It comes with a waterproof liner to help absorb excess water from sipping through the mat to the floor. The beauty about this absorbent mat is that its strands dry up fast. Its non-slip backing ability ensures that it stays put on the floor providing the much-needed stability. Just like other machine-washable mats, cleaning this piece is a breeze!


  • Item size –medium: 32 by 19 inches, large: 36 by 26 inches
  • Material –thick microfiber strands
  • Color –elusive brown
  • GSM absorption rate -3000

5. Snuffle Mat for Small and Large Dogs

Are you looking for a great, relaxing mat to engage your canine’s sense of smell? If so, then the Snuffle Mat for Small and Large Dogs is a perfect choice. This snuffle blanket put dogs; brain and nose to work by stimulating the hunt for food in the real world, thus encouraging natural foraging skills. Excellent for stress release, this mat keeps off your dog from engaging in destructive behavior.

This machine-washable mat, made of upcycled materials, is easy to clean and dry. With anti-slip backing, this eco-friendly and durable rug stays stable on the floor, keeping pets securely in place for less mess during feeding.


  • Warranty –1 year
  • Material –polar fleece
  • Size –M: 23.6 by 39.4 inches, L: 39.4 by 39.4 inches

4. Indoor Front Door Mat

The Indoor Front Door Mat is the best entryway mats for dogs. This heavy-duty rug carpet features the latest stitching technology and ultrafine fiber perfect for homes with pets. Its high absorbent ability allows it to scrape off the water, dust, dirt, mud, slush, grass, snow, sleet, or grass keeping floors dry and clean.

The mat’s low profile and non-slip feature enable it to back on the floor for improved stability. Its microfiber strands easy to clean and dry up faster than any other ordinary non-slip mats.


  • Warranty -10 years
  • Material -55 percent cotton, 45 percent microfiber
  • Item weight -1.4 pounds
  • Package dimensions -16.1 by 9.9 by 2.3 inches

3. Internet’s Best Chenille Dog Mat

The Internet’s Best Chenille Dog Mat is extremely durable and super absorbent. Its textured top has been designed specifically to help clear off paws as your pet comes in from outside, keeping the floor dryer and cleaner.

The mat’s microfiber bristles trap mud, sand, and dirt. This highly versatile piece is fitted with a non-skid bottom that keeps it in place. Once this doormat gets dirty, it is easily thrown into a washing machine for effortless cleaning.


  • Item weight -7.5 pounds
  • Product dimensions -60 by 30 by 1.0 inches
  • Material –microfiber

2. SincoPet Reusable Pee Pad

The SincoPet Reusable Pee Pad has been for ultimate comfort. Its four-layered material is super absorbent, breathable, and waterproof presenting a great spot for a myriad of indoor and outdoor pet activities.

This potty training supply is ideal for protecting the wood floor, carpet, furniture, car seats, and dog crates. It is an excellent pad for messy eaters. It can also be used as a puppy training or whelping pad when welcoming the newest family members. Its excellent soaking capacity enables it to hold up liquid to more than 30 times ensuring that the floor/seat is dry throughout.

The pad’s anti-slip and leak-proof bottom help the floors stay dry while keeping the mat in place. These machine-washable pads are long-lasting and durable even after multiple washes.


  • Item size -36 by 41 inches, 2 pack
  • Color –brown
  • Material -100 polyester
  • Product dimensions -36 by 41 by 0.2 inches

1. Gorilla Grip Original Premium Mat

Unlike all the mats we have previously reviewed, the Gorilla Grip Original Premium Mat has been designed to capture litter. This technologically advanced mat has superior mesh and deep grooves enabling it to capture litter better than any rugs on the market.

With guaranteed durability, this toughly designed mat offers long-lasting effectiveness. Its slip-resistant backing keeps it in place, hence preventing the mess from getting on the floors. Featuring safe and gentle material, this mat is incredibly comfortable, making it a perfect spot for an afternoon snooze. The Gorilla Grip Original Premium Mat is easy to clean –just shake it off, vacuum/soap up, and rinse down.


  • Size –Extra-large: 35 by 23 inches
  • Color –mocha
  • Shipping weight -2.2 pounds

Buying guide for the Best Dogs Rugs and Mats

We all agree that dogs play a significant role in our daily lives. With that in mind, as the owner of the pet, it is your biggest concern to ensure that you find one of the best rugs and mats for your dog. Get it right, and there is no doubt that your four-legged companion will be able to coexist with your family with minimal drama.

However, as earlier mentioned, it is not easy to choose the best mats or rugs for canines for the simple reason that there exist tens of hundreds of these products out there in the market. It becomes even more challenging if you have no idea on what to look out for when selecting the best piece. Well, we are here to solve that puzzle and make your work easier!
Factors to consider when choosing Best Dogs Rugs and Mats

Consider your budget

The very first to consider when choosing the best rugs and mats for your lovely canine is the budget. In this day and age, good pet mats/rugs do not have to cost you a fortune. While highly-priced products claim to be of high quality, it is not always the case. With a little bit of research, which involves price and feature comparison, it is more likely that you will find a great mat/rug ideal for your dog offered at the most affordable price.

Consider functionality

While there are dozens of dog rugs and mats out there, each one has been designed to accomplish a specific objective. For instance, you will find those crafted for outdoor or indoor use, as pee pads, for holding food/water bowls, for resting, for cleaning paws, and so forth. Mostly, the pet owner should be aware of their dog’s needs so they can easily choose a piece that suits the function.

Consider style

While it is incredibly important to consider the functionality of dog’s mats/rugs, you indeed what to choose something that looks great on your floor or that matches with your existing décor. It is highly recommended that you choose shades that blend with the overall tone and mood you want to set for the floor. When considering style, remember to choose a color that your dog likes, otherwise it might refuse to use.

Consider maintenance

Buying dog rug/mat is a great investment expected to serve your pet for many years to come. Therefore, when choosing these, maintenance should take the center stage. The best dog mats and rugs are those that are made of high-quality materials. Besides that, they should be easy to care and clean without compromising its usefulness. They should also be easy to carry around and store away when not in use.

There you are and now you know some of the best dog mats and rugs to consider in 2021. All the above-reviewed products have been designed to enable pet owners to stay in the same environment with their dogs. The beauty of these pieces is that they are all made of absorbent materials to keep away spills from reaching the floor. They are offered at affordable prices to ensure everyone can afford their dogs a decent living.

More importantly, there are available in a variety of designs, shapes, patterns, colors, and sizes to appropriate fit dogs of all ages, sizes, and breed.

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