Owning a dog has so many benefits to humans and nearly half of Americans own at least one dog. The dogs, just like all living creatures, have needs which include exercise, potty, grooming, and food.

Some of these require the dog to go outside the house frequently. To minimize the task of letting the dog out and in, some people install the best electronic dog doors. These are motor-driven super-strong doors to allow the dog in without exposing the home to the danger of burglary. To help you in choosing the best one to install for your dog, here are some of the best ones for you.

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10 Best Electronic Dog Doors Reviews;

#1. High Tech Pet Power

This electronic dog door is engineered for best performance and extreme reliability. It is activated by an ultrasonic collar that opens automatically without any input from the pet. The translucent panel is made of super-strong bulletproof resin. It can be mounted in hermetically sealed grooves to ensure air-tight closure for insulation. It is designed to prevent kicking by intruders and has a dead-bolt locking feature for improved security.

2. PetSafe 2-Piece Sliding Glass Pet Door

This dog door has easy assembly and requires no cutting or drilling. It adjusts automatically to fit sliding glass doors. This design is perfect for apartments since it is designed for temporary installation. The strong aluminum frame and tempered glass can withstand heavy usage. The material is weather resistant and is made to lock with two latches for better security.

3. Patio Pacific – Endura Flap

There is no energy efficient wall mount dog door in the market that compares to Endura Flap. It has high wind-resistance and has fully hidden hardware. It is built to last hence the 10-year warranty. This features a sturdy locking over for easy locking when you don’t use the door.

4. PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors

If you want convenience and security, the PlexiDor is the brand to go for. Its composite panel slides up and down like a garage door. The door uses RIFD technology to open the door just for your pet automatically. It comes with a waterproof collar weighing 0.4 ounces and easily snaps onto the dog’s collar. The electronic dog door is easy to program and use at home.

5. Solo Pet Door

The US made pet door comes completely automatic making it easy for your dog and cats to move in and out. It is equipped with a motorized automatic door, so you don’t have to your pet’s doorman. Ti is completely safe for your pet since it closes slowly using gravity. The door stays securely locked in the closed position giving you peace of mind since no intruder can use it to access the home.

6. PetSafe Wall Entry

Let your pet have free access inside and outside the home by installing this electric dog door. It has telescopic tunnel making it easy to install in walls without the need for framing materials. It has a double flap system that creates a pocket to protect your home from the weather and drafts.

7. Weather Pet Door with Telescoping Frame

With this dog door, you don’t have to worry about the temperatures anymore. No more skyrocketing electricity bills due to poor insulation caused by dog doors. The Ruff-Weather door creates air pockets making it a very efficient insulator. Your pets can move in and out securely without compromising your home’s insulation.

8. SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

No better dog door ensures the security of your home like SureFlap Microchip Pet Door. It identifies your dog using a unique RFID collar that is preprogrammed to open only for the dog. Intruding animals will be left at the door, so you don’t have to worry about finding strange animals at home. It fits pets with shoulders not more than 6 and a half inches. It is easy to program for your pet and can be installed in walls, windows, and doors.

9. Carlson Pro Royal Pet Door

9. Carlson Pro Royal Pet Door

The Carlson Pro Pet is made with all aluminum frame and is excellent at insulating the home. The frames will not rust or crack ensuring that the door lasts a long time. It is designed to maintain a 30 degree indoors temperature difference no matter how extreme the weather is. It is simple to install and comes with all the guides you may need. Buy now at Amazon

10. Wall Entry Kit Smart Door

The telescopic design allows one to install the door fast in a wall cut out. The PetSafe electronic dog door can be installed into any wall of up to 7 and a quarter inch thick. The kit includes a tunnel, exterior frame, cutting template, installation hardware, and installation instructions.


Installing an electronic dog door at home can save you a lot of time, saves you energy and ensures your home is secure. However, finding the best electronic dog doors can be challenging. This list compiled the best ones or you to compare and choose from.

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