Just like any other pet, horses require special attention as far as taking care of them is concerned. Horse owners are obliged to buying these animals many different products to help keep them healthy and happy. One such crucial item is a horse blanket, which plays the role of keeping a horse warm during those extremely cold seasons. It works by providing horses effective insulation when typical temperatures drop low and keep them dry in all kinds of weather. Some of the leading blankets have also been designed to protect horses against UV rays and biting insects.

Some horse owners may resort to piling layers and layers of somewhat thick blankets over the animal in cold seasons to keep them warm. We all agree that this is a downright cumbersome idea! Rightly speaking, getting the best horse blanket is not only a good investment but also a well-thought decision.

There are dozens of great blankets out there in the market, which makes your choice an overwhelming task especially if you are not an experienced lot. Well, we have to help you out by unveiling a comprehensive list of the top ten best horse blankets to consider in 2021.

Best Horse Blankets – [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

10. HILASON 1200D 400 GSM Waterproof Heavy Duty Horse Blanket

Are you looking for a perfect companion for your horse in wet and cold weather? If so, then it should be the HILASON 1200D 400 GSM Waterproof Heavy Duty Horse Blanket. This blanket is built using a heavyweight tough-master 1200D rip-stop outer shell –one of the topmost quality fabrics in the horse blanket industry.

It’s waterproof and highly breathable features make it an all-season blanket. With 400G high-grade Polygoog Polyfill, this blanket guarantees all-time insulation. Its finest poly fibers ensure that blanket keeps the horse cozy and dry warm even in the worst of weather. This blanket is known to withstand daily use wear and tear thanks to its highly durable lining.


  • Item weight -10 pounds
  • Color –American flag
  • Fabric material -1200D polyester

9. Tough One Soft Fleece Blanket

Horse owners looking for one of the best blankets to keep their horses warm and dry throughout the winter season can now try out the Tough One Soft Fleece Blanket. This 100 percent soft fleece blanket comes with adjustable buckle front, tail string, fleece wither protection and adjustable surcingle belly for optimal fitting.

The warmth derived from this blanket is comparable to woolen blankets without the added fabric. Besides being used to provide maximum warmth during cold seasons, this piece of coverage can also be used as a cooler.


  • Color –black
  • Sizes –small (ranging between 68 to 70 inches)
  • Item weight -4 pounds
  • Product dimensions -34 by 30 by 14 inches

8. Heavyweight Horse Turnout Horse Blanket

The Heavyweight Horse Turnout Horse Blanket is designed with 400G polyfill insulation to keep the horse warm throughout the winter season. This heavy-duty blanket is reinforced with tough stitching in most areas making it extremely durable.

It is fitted with double front buckles featuring Velcro closure and hood rings to attach the piece securely onto the horse. It also features shoulder gussets for effortless movement. For convenience, this blanket has a tail flap, adjustable/removable elastic leg straps, and crossed belly straps. Its fabric material is waterproof and breathable for added comfort.


  • Color –black
  • Size -80 inches
  • Item weight -8.6 pounds
  • Product dimensions -18 by 5 by 24 inches

7. Prima Turnout Horse Blanket By Intrepid International

If you are looking for a horse blanket that has been designed with comfort and warmth in mind, then the Prima Turnout Horse Blanket By Intrepid International is the right choice. This stylish and flashy piece features a 600D nylon waterproof outer shell for extended durability. All the seams are reinforced and welded so it does allow any air inside.

It has fleece at the withers to prevent rubbing. It also features leg straps, tail guard, one surcingle, and double closure at the chest for proper fitting. While this breathable and waterproof blanket comes with a contoured back that helps keep the blanket in place, its high shoulder gussets allow for seamless movement.


  • Color –red
  • Available sizes -68,71, 74, 77, 80, and 83 inches
  • Item weight -5.5 pounds

6. Breyer Rambo Blanket

The Breyer Rambo Blanket is renowned for innovation and quality. This piece of a colorful blanket is authentically-styled and features tail flap as well as working buckles on surcingle and chest. The blanket has been designed to fit Breyer traditional horses. The award-winning piece of a blanket is meticulously crafted with hood. Its high-quality material is highly breathable and waterproof providing maximum comfort and warmth during cold seasons.


  • Color –red/black
  • Item weight -1.12 ounces
  • Product dimensions -10.8 by 7.1 by 0.7 inches

5. Derby Originals Mini Horse and Pony Turnout Blankets

Are you looking for an excellent winter blanket for your horse? If the answer is YES, then look no more than the Derby Originals Mini Horse and Pony Turnout Blankets. Perfect for almost any climate and horse, this piece of a blanket features 200G of polyfill insulation and extremely robust ripstop nylon shell.

With 600D nylon construction, this blanket is resistant to wear, tear, and cut. Like other blankets of the same class, it features a shoulder gusset for complete freedom of movement and proper fitting. It comes with a 210T nylon inner lining and soft fleece wither protector to prevent the horse’s coat from irritation. The Derby Originals Mini Horse and Pony Turnout Blankets are designed to fit the bodies of miniature pony and horse breeds.


  • Warranty -1 year limited
  • Color –red
  • Fabric material -600D nylon

4. Derby Originals Winter Foal Blanket

The Derby Originals Winter Foal Blanket is one of the best winter blankets to keep your horses warm, dry, and cozy. Perfect for almost any climate and foal, this product features 150G of polyfill and sturdy ‘ripstop’ waterproof nylon shell for extended durability. With a soft fleece protector and tail cover, this item fits appropriately to the foal’s body.

The soft 210T nylon inner lining prevents irritation on the animal’s hair coat. The style and shape of this blanket are perfect not only for horse foals but also for miniature horses. The beauty of this blanket is that the fabric material used in its construction is extremely cut and tear-resistant.


  • Warranty –one year limited
  • Fabric material -600D ripstop nylon
  • Color –black
  • Size –large (42-48 inches)

3. Tough-One 1200D Snuggit Turnout Horse Blanket

If you are looking for a great blanket ideal for a horse that chews or bite on blankets, then the Tough-One 1200D Snuggit Turnout Horse Blanket is the perfect option. This product is made of heavy-duty 1200D poly material hence the reason why it is recommended for the said horse category.

With 300G polyfill, this blanket provides medium to heavy warmth and optimal protection against rain and wind. Its interiors contain 210D poly lining that prevents rubbing, which keeps the animal’s coat shiny while preventing shavings, hair, and straw from sticking to the blanket’s inside.

This waterproof blanket features a coater outer shell with taped seams to ultimately repel water and keep the horse dry. Its breathable design allows moisture to be wicked away from the horse, thus preventing sweating besides retaining body heat.


  • Color –gray
  • Item weight -8 pounds
  • Size -72 inches
  • Product dimensions -22 by 20 by 6 inches
  • Material construction -1200D polyester

2. Horze Nevada Turnout Sheet

When the spring weather is highly unpredictable, it is a wise idea to get the Horze Nevada Turnout Sheet to keep the chill off your cheerful horse. This lightweight, windproof, and waterproof sheet keeps your horse warm, dry, and comfortable during colder days.

Unlike other horse blankets/sheets of the same class, this one features an improved design, which includes handy snap buckles located on the front side that can be fastened with one hand as opposed to conventional T-buckle closures. Its deep shoulder gussets provide your pony with unrestricted room to roam and better fit.

The neckline of this ergonomically-designed sheet/blanket is shaped to prevent rubbing and reduce pressure on the withers. It also features a soft fleece pad as well as higher riding neckline making this item wear comfortable.


Material construction -1200D Ripstop Fabric
Color- Purple teal black and plaid/black

1. Stormcheeta Combo Horse Blanket By Shires

The Stormcheeta Combo Horse Blanket By Shires is one of the best gears to beat the chilly weather. The highly affordable piece features 400G quilted polyfill, hard-wearing 2000 ShireTex waterproof, and breathable outer shell with taped seams for horse convenience. It also features deep shoulder gussets delivering optimum freedom of movement.

While its large pleated tail flap is designed to keep out drafts, the adjustable breast straps ensure that the piece is fitted appropriately to the horse’s body. The outer shell of this machine-washable blanket is made of fully nylon Ripstop for guaranteed durability.


  • Product dimensions -22.7 by 20.5 by 7.4 inches
  • Item weight -5 pounds
  • Color –Navy poppy red
  • Material –ShireTex 2000D ballistic nylon

Buying Guide How to Choose the Best Horse Blanket:

As stated in the introductory section, whether you are an experienced equestrian or the lot who is beginning to understand more rearing horses, it is imperative to ensure that your lovely animal is taken care of properly. We also mentioned that horse blankets come in handy in colder seasons as it provides horses with the much-needed warmth and protection. That said, how do you decide which piece best suits the needs of your horse?

We all know that horse blankets are pricey investments, and there is no doubt that you want a blanket that you choose to be perfect for your horse. There are several factors you may want to consider to help you pick the right blanket, which includes the following:

Factors to Consider When Choosing Horse Blanket:

Material type
The type of material used in the construction of the said blanket is the very first factor to consider when choosing the best horse blanket. While there are several materials often used to make blankets, some are better than others as far as comfort, durability, and functionality are concerned. For instance, blankets made of nylon are extremely durable while those made of polyester do not offer much stronger than nylon. Since you are concerned about getting a blanket that lasts longer, it is important to choose the one made of highly sturdy material.

Consider the fill
The fill of any horse blanket determines how warm or cold it is. In most cases, these pieces come in medium to heavyweights, hence the reason why some fills are warmer than others. Based on the weather conditions of where you come from, you can find a blanket with the appropriate fill.

The size of the blanket
Another very important factor to consider when choosing the best horse blanket is the size of the product. Even if you find the leading brand in the world, it is still useless if it does not fit correctly. A blanket that is too small or too big would not provide proper coverage, which may result in an uncomfortable rubbing.

While most of these pieces come with straps for appropriate fitting, it is important to choose the one that fits appropriate to the body of your horse. To achieve this objective, it is recommended that you take your time getting the measurements of the horse before buying what you have deemed to be the ideal choice for your animal.

Just like any other vibrant industry, it is important to note that horse blankets are available in a wide range of prices. Whereas you should work within your means, you should always keep in mind that cheap products can sometimes prove to be expensive in the end. More often than not, lowest priced blankets have their quality compromised for a deal. We are not claiming expensive blankets are superb, but most of them are worth it.

Waterproofing and breathability
If you are seeking to buy a turnout blanket for your horse, then it is paramount to choose a blanket that is waterproof and highly breathable. With these features, the blanket serves not only to provide warmth during the colder seasons, but keeps the body cozy, cool, and comfortable.

There you are and now you know that horse blankets are great gear for anyone who owns a horse and resides in a region where the weather gets extremely cold in the winter and fall. While it is an overwhelming task choosing the best piece, with the list above, there is no doubt that you will find an option that best suits the needs of your horses or ponies. The good news is that any of the items listed herein are durable, functional, and stylish. Get one today and let your horse live a happy life comes the winter, come fall, or during any other colder days!