There is not that compares to the experience of riding a horse in the field. It is interesting and mind-boggling. However, did you know that ride could be even better if you place a saddle pad on the horse’s back? Yes, that is right as using the best Horse Saddle Pads make all the difference.

Besides its main role of protecting the horse’s skin, this pad helps absorb some of the shocks your spine is likely to feel as the animal is bouncing up and down. Its other purpose is to make the horse feel better by assisting in distributing the rider’s weight in a way that reduces the stress felt by the horse. As if that is not enough, a good saddle pad is designed to keep the saddle leather from withering away, thus boosting its longevity.

Are you convinced that your horse’s saddle leather should have a pad? If that is the case, then let us walk into the stores to one of the best products. These saddle pads are available in different sizes and designs, and there are tens of hundreds of brands out there in the market. This perhaps explains the reason why choosing the best can be a confusing experience to most first time buyers! Good news –we have compiled a list of 2020 best saddle pads for your consideration.

Best Horse Saddle Pads – [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

10. ECP All Purpose Diamond Quilted Half Saddle Pad

If you are looking for a remarkable saddle pad that perfectly suits English horse saddles, then the ECP All Purpose Diamond Quilted Half Saddle Pad is the best pick. It is designed to contour the horse with comfortable memory foam pads that absorb shock better than any other pads in the industry.

Besides providing ultimate comfort for both rider and horse, this lightweight pad helps prevent further injuries. With contoured shims for the back and the front, gradual adjustment can be made until optimum fit is attained. Irrespective of your riding style, this correction pad is best fit for all occasions –eventing, competition, casual riding –name it.


  • Item weight -1 pound
  • Product dimension -23.5 by 3 by 11 inches
  • Color –white

9. Roma Circle Quilt AP Saddle Pad

Roma Circle Quilt AP Saddle Pad has been designed to keep your horse dry throughout the day thanks to it wick easy lining. This all-occasion saddle pad is made to last longer with high-quality materials. With the simplest designs, this product does its job without all the fanciest things added to it. Available in two-tone color design, the Roma Circle Quilt AP Saddle Pad adds some style to the look of your lovely horse while the stitching color contrast adds a nice-looking appearance to the pad.


  • Material -35 percent polyester and 65 percent cotton
  • Product dimensions -22.75 by 20.25 by 26.5 inches
  • Shipping weight -11 pounds

8. Cotton Correction Half Saddle Pad by Equine Comfort Product (ECP)

The Cotton Correction Half Saddle Pad by Equine Comfort Product (ECP) has luxurious, diamond-quilted cotton top with brushed cotton underside providing shock-absorbing padding and comfortable contact to protect the back of the horse. This pad features four pockets sewn on its top, where each pocket has three shims of memory foam secured in place by loop straps and hooks, allowing for a customizable fit for pressure point relief. These shims are further contoured for back and front fitting, allowing for brilliant saddle placement and fit. The punctiliously shaped top line of the saddle is optimized for maximum airflow and breathability for enhanced air circulation. It wicks and absorbs moisture, making it the best choice for all kinds of riding.


  • Item weight -1 pound
  • Product dimensions -23.5 by 3 by 11 inches
  • Color –black

7. Southwestern Equine Correction OrthoRide Saddle Pad

Are you looking for one of the best saddle pads to solve saddle fit problems? If the answer is yes, the Southwestern Equine Correction OrthoRide Saddle Pad is a perfect choice. This highly affordable is an exceptional fit for high withered horses experiencing saddle rubs on wither. It is made of wool material, which as all know, delivers ultimate comfort for both the rider and horse. It features Poron-RDX under the saddle bars, giving the ability to absorb up to 90 percent of the generated shock. This durable pad conforms to the shape of the animal’s back so it best suited for all barrel racing, team roping, and other horse racing occasions.


  • Color –natural leathers
  • Material use –wool memory foam and Poron-RDX

6. Weaver Leather Contoured Saddle Pad

The Weaver Leather Contoured Saddle Pad is one of those lightweight and long-lasting pads offering great back coverage. As its name suggests, it is contoured to fit the horse’s shape, implying that the likelihood of the pad bunching up or rolling under the saddle is less. Utilizing merino wool, this moisture-wicking pad is known for adding comfort while keeping sweat off the back. Unlike other saddle pads of the same class, this one features a protective layer coat that adds a level of resistance to both mildew and molds, which henceforth lowers the chances of the horse catching infections. The beauty of this product is that it is easy to clean and dries up quickly.


  • Material –merino wool fleece
  • Other linings -100 percent fibers
  • Color –red/turquoise
  • Item weight -4.11 pounds

5. Weatherbeeta Prime All-Purpose Saddle Pad

If you are looking for a durable pad with a wicking lining to help keep your horse dry, cool, and comfortable, then the Weatherbeeta Prime All-Purpose Saddle Pad might be what your horse wants. This meticulously made, luxurious saddle piece will be a bonus for any rider wishing to rider comfortably. Made of high-quality cotton and PVC-covered girth patch, this pad is incredibly durable. With a high wither design, this award-winning saddle pad allows extra space to fit growing horses. The saddle pad features a breathable mesh spine for uncompromised airflow.


  • Color –Turquoise
  • Item weight -1.5 pounds
  • Material –cotton

4. Weaver Leather All-Purpose Contoured Saddle Pad

The Weaver Leather All-Purpose Contoured Saddle Pad, unlike the previous model, is fitted with tacky-tack on its bottom providing less saddle roll and pad slippage. Its contoured design fits appropriately into place and provides spine relief for the horse’s comfort. Made of an easy-care Herculon fabric, this incredibly durable pad provides the much-needed breathability, shock-absorbing, and added comfort to the horse. With premium edge binding and leathers, this product is resistant to mold and mildew, which in turn lower the chances of your horse catching an illness.


  • Item weight -5.5 pounds
  • Color –Teal, green
  • Material –Herculon
  • Product dimensions -32 by 32 by 1 inch

3. Southwestern Equine Silverado Contoured Saddle Pad

If you are looking for all wool saddle pads for your horse, then look no further than the Southwestern Equine Silverado Contoured Saddle Pad. Conforming with the shape of your animal’s back for appropriate fit, this saddle pad features natural fibers that wick away heat and sweat keeping your horse cooler and dryer. This premium saddle pad is made of high-quality material with contoured spine and wither cut out for added comfort and helps relieve pressure from the saddle’s gullet. Whether you are a professional trainer or trail rider, this easy-to-clean saddle pad will last for many years to come.


  • Item weight -7.21 pounds
  • Material –Silverado wool
  • Product dimensions -32 by 32 by 1 inch
  • Color –grey

2. TuffRider Basic All-Purpose Saddle Pad

The TuffRider Basic All-Purpose Saddle Pad is a great padding piece that has gotten back to the fundamentals with their design. Perfect for schooling or shows, this riding saddle pad is comfortable and practical thanks to its cotton or micro-polyester construction. While its flannel underside and diamond quilting makes it feel velvety, the reinforced center seam keep the saddle pad in place. With no fancy features as witnessed on other brands to worry about, this pad is your go-to brand for the most durable performance and highest quality gear around. Available in more than fifteen vibrant colors to choose from, this product offers everything for everyone.


  • Item weight -0.16 ounces
  • Product dimensions -20 by 1 by 21 inches
  • Available colors -15
  • Material -84 percent polyester, 16 percent cotton

1. Diamond Wool Contoured Felt Ranch Saddle Pad

The Diamond Wool Contoured Felt Ranch Saddle Pad has since become a trusted and well-respected choice of horse riders around the world. Designed using domestic materials and a high level of craftsmanship, this pad features a contoured spine with a wither relief notch that is reinforced with distressed leather for unmatched comfort. Ideal for Western riding, this gorgeous saddle pad wide and big enough to sit under standard saddles and covers all the places that might be rubbed, making it one of the best padding pieces for animals with a sore back. This pad is excellent for a short ride, long rides, frequent, and occasion use.


  • Product dimensions -33 by 17 by 4 inches
  • Color –gray
  • Material –wool
  • Item weight -7 pounds

Buying Guide How to Choose Best Horse Saddle Pad:

A saddle pad protects the horse’s skin, back, and hair from pressure and friction while at the same time protecting the saddle against grime, sweat, and dirt. As earlier mentioned, a properly fitted padding piece also protects the rider against undue shock. All these benefits can be enjoyed only if you choose one of the best horse saddle pads.

Well, for the simple reason that there are so many brands and models of these padding pieces out there in the market, it becomes harder to choose the best option. However, you would not be disappointed (neither will your horse) if you take your time figuring what to look for when choosing the best pad. More often than not, picking the right pad depends on several factors, as explained below.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Horse Saddle Pad:

Consider the right size
The very first things to consider when choosing the best horse saddle pad is to ensure the piece you are about to pick matches in size with the type of saddle you already bought. Often, pads are made with different styles with saddles in mind.

For instance, close contact pads will have a short length and a forward cut, while dressage pads have straighter cut to accommodate a longer flap. As a rule of thumb, it is required that the padding piece extend slightly beyond the saddle’s edge and not beyond the animal’s last rib. Any less implies that you risk sliding over the padding on uneven terrain. Any more will mean that you will be dealing with an unwieldy saddle pad.

Saddle pads are available in a variety of materials. Since you are concerned about choosing the best saddle pad, then you are obligated to pick one made of the highest quality and long-lasting material. The material in question should feature wicking capability to ensure that the horse is comfortable –cooler and dryer.

With that in mind, the best pads are those made of cotton, fleece, and sheepskin or wool. Foam and gel are other materials you are likely to find, which add some extra short absorption and cushioning.

Consider the style that fits your horse
There are three style options for saddle pads –square, half, and shaped. The occasion you intend to use the pad determines the style you will choose. For instance, in the show ring, square pads are ideal for riders doing Dressage. Similarly, in the Jumper or Hunter shows, shaped pads are more suitable, and so forth.

Consider a saddle pad that matches the horse’s contours
This is one of the most important points that are often overlooked when choosing the right horse saddle pad. Matching the contours of the animal’s back and the contours of the underside of the saddle is essential to having a padding piece that would not apply undue pressure to the horse’s withers and spine.

Over time, horse saddle pads have significantly evolved in all areas. With changes to materials used to encapsulate the pads, there is no doubt that you will find one that matches your sense of style. While most of the padding pieces available in the market come with all the bells and whistles to appear as flashy as possible, it is important to remember that you are choosing a pad that is going to offer nothing short of comfort to both the rider and the horse.

Well, you do not have spent all day wandering around the market looking for the best padding pieces. Just look at our comprehensive review and you will instantly notice that we have featured top-notch products. With our guide, you will be comfortable to make a purchasing decision in a matter of minutes!