Most cat owners know how important it is to keep your cat happy and occupied. A bored cat can be a troublesome cat so it’s a good idea to have some toys and activities for your cat around the house especially if your cat spends a lot of time alone. One of the best toys for a cat is a scratching post. Cats feel the need to keep their claws sharp and a good scratching post will keep your pet from sharpening his claws on things around the home like furniture and other surfaces. The best scratching posts also have other features to help keep kitty entertained when you’re not around. Cheap scratching posts can be found to save money while also making sure your cat has something fun to do that also fulfills their need of scratching to keep claws sharp. A good cat scratch post is almost essential to having a happy cat in your home. The following is a list of the top 10 scratching posts to help keep your cat happy and content.

1. Catit Scratcher with Catnip

1. Catit Scratcher with Catnip, Top 10 Best Cat Scratching Posts Reviews The Catit Style scratcher features a corrugated scratching surface to help your cat keep claws sharp. It also includes catnip which is a lot of fun for most cats. The unique bench style has a contemporary look and comes in three patterns including: urban, animal print and jungle stripe. It is 20 inches wide.
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2. Pioneer Pet Scratching Post

2. Pioneer Pet Scratching Post The Pioneer scratching post is made of durable sisal that inspires cats to scratch. The height of the post allows the cat to fully stretch out when scratching. It features a sturdy base that prevents the post from being tipped over. The post has neutral colors and can fit with any decor. The 32 inch height also gives the cat an opportunity to exercise and tone muscle.
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3. SmartyCat Inclined Cat Scratcher

3. SmartyCat Inclined Cat Scratcher This scratcher is made from recycled cardboard. It features SmartyCat organic catnip to encourage your cat to scratch. It is designed to resemble a tree trunk to encourage the cat’s natural instinct to scratch. The surface is gentle on cat’s claws but still works efficiently to keep the cat occupied.
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4. BestPet Cat Tree

4. BestPet Cat Tree This cat tree is 73 inches tall. It is like a kitty playground with various features including: 2 cat houses, a scratching post covered with sisal and several ramps for climbing. It also has three platforms at the top where the cat can sit and see everything.
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5. Catit Scratcher with Catnip

5. Catit Scratcher with Catnip The Catit Scratcher includes catnip to encourage your cat to use the scratching surface rather than furniture and surfaces in your home. It’s made of corrugated cardboard which is gentle to cats claws but still effective. It has a wide design to suit cats of all ages and sizes. It’s a great option to keep your cat active and content.
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6. Four Paws Scratching Post

6. Four Paws Scratching Post This scratching post is 21 inches tall when assembled. It offers a sturdy surface made of carpet and sisal to offer two different scratching surfaces. The two different textures allows for more options for picky cats who may prefer a certain type of material for scratching. It has a hanging catnip toy to keep kitty occupied.
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7. Trixie Scratching Post

7. Trixie Scratching Post The TRIXIE Pet scratching post is made in neutral colors to fit in with any decor. The post is wrapped in natural sisal. It has a sturdy base to keep the post from tipping over when in use. The base is plush and can be a great place for your cat to nap.
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8. Petown Cat Tree

8. Petown Cat Tree This scratching post also includes a plush platform to act as a bed for your pet. The post is wrapped in natural sisal. It also offers a dangling toy for your cat to play with. This unit acts as a scratching post, toy and lounging area all in one. It features neutral colors to blend in with any room.
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9. Carb-certified Cat Tree Condo

9. Carb-certified Cat Tree Condo This cat condo is made with carb-certified fiber board faux fur and natural sisal. It has two enclosed houses with various platforms for your cat to lounge on. The scratching posts are wrapped in sisal. It also has several hanging toys to keep your cat entertained. It’s made with neutral colors so as not to stand out against any decor.
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10. Coplus Cat Condo

10. Coplus Cat Condo This cat condo has is 52 inches tall. It features four posts for scratching with two wrapped in sisal and two wrapped in carpet. It also offers several different lounging areas including an enclosed area and a kitty hammock. Buy now at Amazon